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Aluminum Dock – Factory Direct Shipped To Your Door

Want the best option when it comes to buying an aluminum dock? We are the company you have been looking for.

Save up to 50% when you order from DocksDirect.com and self-install your new aluminum dock system.

Maintenance Free | Unbeatable Prices | Fast Free Shipping

Modular design and a wide range of accessories.  Four Steps to your new high-quality aluminum dock system.

Our online drawing tools let you design and price your new dock system online. Start from scratch or choose from one of our popular layouts.Do you have existing plans or drawings from another company? Order it from DocksDirect.com. Our prices and quality are unmatched and always beat the competition.free shipping docks direct.comeasy installation

Aluminum docks, the DocksDirect.com way.

Want to know how we do it?
The answer is simple. You may already be aware, but most dock companies sell to you through an extended supply chain. i.e.  Manufacturer –> Distributor –> Dealer –> Salespeople –> Customer
Each link in that chain adds to the overall cost of your new dock. The end result is you wind up paying way more than you should.

DocksDirect has changed all that. We simply manufacture and sell direct to you. Providing you with a high value, top quality product that is easy to self-install and easy to buy, direct.

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