Accessories for your aluminum dock help make it more usable for your purposes, giving you a customized dock solution that delivers exactly what you need.

As you view the list, remember the track system used by makes positioning and moving your accessories very simple. There’s no need to spend time worrying about the exact right spot to put a cleat or a bumper – they can be re-positioned in a snap.

vertical bumper Docks Direct

adjustable vertical bumper Docks Direct

Vertical Bumper: These bumpers mount in the retention track anywhere on the outside of your dock frame. You can even inflate the bladder of the bumper to give your watercraft some added cushion and protection.

Adjustable Vertical Bumper: Do you really need to adjust the height of your dock above the water? Why not just adjust the bumper? These 35” bumpers can move anywhere on your dock frame, and can adjust vertically. They can be adjusted up to 30” so they’re always in the correct position for your boat.

Aluminum Tie-Down Cleat:Our strong 8″ aluminum dock cleats are the perfect companion when poles are not an option. The cleat mounts right to our frame’s track system, making installation and adjustments a snap. No drilling required!

shoreline transition plate Docks Direct

solar pole light Docks Direct

dock ladder Docks Direct

Shoreline Transition Plate:Fabricated using our heavy duty aluminum decking extrusion, this transition plate helps to create a smooth transition between the shore grade and the deck surface on your first dock section. (Available sizes: 4’x2’, 4’x4’ & 6’x4’)

Solar Pole Light: When evening arrives, you can still keep the party rolling with solar dock lighting. These LED lights have more than enough juice to take you from dusk to dawn.

3 Step Dock Ladder: All aluminum and precision welded, this three step ladder makes getting in and out of the water a breeze. Easily connects into the track system of you FWM Dock frame.

rub rail Docks Direct

leg pad Docks Direct

splice kit Docks Direct

Rub Rail: Made of a strong PVC compound, the four chambered 3.75” bumper was built to resist deterioration due to harsh weather or fungus, allowing it to stay solid even after years of heavy use.

Leg Pad: Can be positioned at either of two locations on the dock legs. Place them flush to the bottom in a rocking environment or set them 8 inches from the bottom of the leg to allow a portion of the pole to securely penetrate the ground. The bevel edge provides for easy installation and removal.

Splice Kit: Connect dock sections together in seconds with our standard aluminum splice kit. Easily attaches to the corner brackets with flat head screws to maintain the flush finish.

90 degree splice kit Docks Direct

dead-weight bracket Docks Direct

floating dock pipe bracket Docks Direct

90 Degree Splice Kit: Want a unique design? This splice kit allows you to easily create ‘T’, ‘L’ and ‘U’ configurations.

Deadweight Bracket: Now you can anchor your FWM floating dock to a rocky bottom or deep water area. Designed to be used with 3/8” galvanized chain. It is adjustable to any location on your docks frame.

Floating Dock Pipe Bracket: Let your FWM Floating Dock adjust effortlessly to changing water levels. This bracket is designed for a 2” Galvanized Pipe.

corner bumper Docks Direct

Auger Docks Direct

roller kit Docks Direct

Corner Bumper: Protect your dock and legs with this high quality inflatable rubber bumper.

Auger: Great for our FWM floating docks.  Comes with bolt and nut to allow for drilling and setting pipes in lake, river or ocean bottoms.

Roller Kit: Now you can turn any FWM Dock section into a light duty gangway. Simply add a roller kit to our standard frame corner brackets to let it adjust to the changing water level.

heavy duty splice kit Docks Direct

stainless steel grill Docks Direct


Heavy Duty Splice Kit: Designed to be used with our floating dock. This heavy duty splice kit is perfect for those rough water environments.

Stainless Steel Grill: Perfect for entertaining or feeding the crew. This 100% stainless steel grill comes with a full size inner safety shell that neatly funnels grease into a tray for easy access. Features a cooking surface of 315 square inches & slides right onto your dock frame’s retention channel.