Is it really possible to get an aluminum dock completely online?

Yes, it is. DocksDirect.com is a complete service – Design, build and order online. We are the only manufacturer to offer fully custom boat docks via the Internet and we deliver them directly to you.

Are quality materials that important?

We believe they are, which is why we use only the best. The elements and environment take a severe toll on any dock, so using quality raw materials, parts and components ensures a more durable, longer-lasting product. From high grade aluminum to stainless steel hardware, your new dock will be a source of pride for years.


How do I design my dock?
  1. Visit our “Getting Started” page
  2. Request a quote
  3. Customize your dock just the way you want it with our design team
Are your dock systems adjustable? Can I modify my design during installation or down the road if I need to?

DocksDirect.Com aluminum dock systems and frames (available in 4’ x 10’, 4’ x 12’, 6’ x 10’ sections) are designed to be adjustable and modular. Like a giant adult Lego set, you can put together your dock in any layout or configuration, limited only by your imagination. You can also easily change the style of your dock from your Stationary to Rolling or vice versa.

Our docks are designed to last a lifetime and oftentimes your waterfront needs may change. You are able to add dock sections and components as the years pass and can even change the layout and style as you see fit.

If you have purchased your dock system already, and want to make a change, please call our Post Sales Team at 1-888-367-9553 during business hours and they will assist you.

Can I get a catalog of your products?

We do not have a printed catalog. We can send you an electronic version of our catalog or you can request an online version.  To request to have a hard copy or PDF of our catalog, please complete this request form.


How much does an average dock system cost?

Because DocksDirect.com is a custom-design system, every dock design is different. With varying water depth, intended use and accessories, it is difficult to provide average pricing or cost per ft. numbers for your aluminum dock.

Since our online design tool is free and there is no obligation, we recommend putting together your own dream dock. There is no better way to estimate your cost.

Remember that all our prices include shipping (yes, we ship free), our dock systems are guaranteed and our customer service is available to you before, during and after your purchase! Check out or showroom for details of dock system and ballpark pricing.

How do I place an order for my dock?

Once you have a design,

  1. you can use our online system to order your dock, or
  2. you can order over the phone by calling our design team at 1-888-367-9553 during business hours.
I’ve designed an aluminum boat dock that I really like but I would like to order it with a few modifications. Can I do that?

Yes, that is one of the benefits with DocksDirect.com. Call our sales team 1-888-367-9553 during business hours and we’ll assist you with the modifications and customizations you desire.

From adding or deleting components for you to answering any other questions or requests, our sales team is at your service. Our designers are here to ensure you end up with the design that satisfies your dock needs with one that best utilizes your water front.


What skills and tools are necessary to install your docks?

Installing our dock systems requires a basic proficiency with home improvement projects. The typical installation requires the use of an Allen key, screwdriver, pipe cutter and level. To see the basic steps involved, watch this video of a typical dock installation [LINK].

How do I install my dock?

We provide complete instructions on how to install your dock system. Beyond that, our customer support team is always standing by with answers to your questions, 1-888-367-9553.


I would like to purchase a dock but I don’t need it right away. Can I order it for a scheduled shipment date?

Yes, please call if you would like us to ship your dock system on a scheduled ship date.

Can I order individual components?

If you’ve purchased your dock systems from us, we’re happy to sell individual components to you to change or modify that dock. Please have any information relating to your original order available when you call.

How can I get additional parts?

We are happy to sell you additional parts should you decide you want to modify a dock system purchased from DocksDirect.com. Just call our Post-Sales Support Team at 1-888-367-9553 during business hours. We can verify your previous order with your name, invoice number or email address and gladly assist you with your parts order!

How do you ship the dock to my home?

We ship most full dock system orders to our customers via Home Direct. Home Direct is a specialized white glove delivery service that will drop off your new dock in your driveway or garage in 10 to 12 days. Small parts orders may ship via UPS or other common carriers. With both shipping methods we use a custom packaging system that ensures the safe arrival of all the components needed to install your dock systems.

Do I have to be home when my dock arrive?

Not always. Home Direct will call you in advance to help schedule and work out the logistics of your dock delivery. UPS will usually leave your shipment on a porch or in a garage if your delivery driver believes it is safe to do so. The best way to ensure this is to leave a note for the driver when you are expecting delivery.

If I order my aluminum dock today, when will I get it?

Fast delivery is the hallmark of DocksDirect.com. Most orders ship in less than three business days from when they are received.