Rolling Docks

Rolling docks can be the very best option in some situations. If your lake bed is pretty solid, not overly murky and free of rocks, a rolling dock will be easy to install and remove. The second key is to also make sure the shoreline entry is also smooth and without an excessive grade or interface from steps or retaining walls.
DocksDirect rolling docks can make getting your dock in and out of water a snap. The legs are designed with a heavy duty 25” tire that is independently leveled to accommodate uneven lake beds. Unlike many other rolling docks on the market, we provide you with a complete system including wheel kits on each and every frame. This will provide you with the option to pull the entire system out in one piece or break it down into smaller more maneuverable sections. This type of dock is recommended for water depths of 8’ or less.

Rolling Docks
  • designed for water depth of 8′ or less
  • work best in locations suitable for seasonal installation and removal
  • not for use with a muddy or mucky lake bottom, retaining wall, steep shoreline, or more than 4 dock frames.
  • do not handle adverse conditions as well as stationary docks
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Dock Tire Our 25” Heavy Duty Dock Tire is designed to fill up with water as you roll your dock into the water as well as gives it a wide stance which helps the dock improve overall stability.

Leg Pad – Each heavy-walled pole has two pre-drilled holes on the bottom allowing the leg pad to be placed flush on the bottom (rocky environment) or at the higher position 8 inches up. With the leg pad at the higher position the leg will penetrate the ground dramatically increasing stability and the dock level.

Connection – With Docks Direct frames the aluminum and stainless steel construction gives you the added security you need between connections on the dock during the most severe weather.

Corner Bracket – Built in corner brackets allow for a flush internal pole design, out of the way of your boat or pwc. Each comes standard with two inserts and two set screws. The stainless steel inserts allow for endless layout changes; two cup point set screws allow you to securely set your dock at the desired height above water.

Track System – DocksDirect frames come with a track system on the side and bottom of the frame making the mounting of accessories a snap. If you need to move a cleat or ladder from one position to another simply loosen the screw, slide and re-tighten.

Decking Panel – Each dock section comes with pre-panelized decking pieces to allow you to dramatically reduce the weight of your dock in a matter of minutes making seasonal installation and removal a breeze.

Decking Options:

All of our decking products come pre-panelized to allow easily removal of your deck prior to installation or before removal. Each decking panel is designed to actually fit right into your dock frame so you can easily maintain the clean flush finish on the outside of your dock frame unlike so many other brands.

ThruFlow: The most popular decking surface we offer. This unique non-slip polymer panel allows water, debris and sunlight to pass through your walking surface. The 360° non-slip surface not only prevents you and your guests from slips and falls, but also minimizes the damaging effects of waves and wind. Available in cedar or gray.

Docks Direct - Decking ThruFlow

EON Marine: This ultra-premium composite surface helps you to maintain the look and feel of real wood without all of the hard work and frustration. The EON Marine decking surface is not like other composite products; it has a weight-sensitive design making it a great selection for your dock’s decking surface and is available in either cedar or gray.

Docks Direct - Decking Eon Marine

Aluminum: Our customized, natural aluminum finish decking is designed with a non-slip surface pattern and a heat sync bottom. The unique heat sync draws heat away from the walking surface and down toward the water, keeping your dock comfortably cool on hot summer days.

Docks Direct - Decking Aluminum


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